Installation art
Curator's Tour
Examining Body Hair in 20th Century Print Media
for:me by:me
fabric + dye
Cotton, in the form of canvas and muslin, ground-dyed with logwood and osage. Screen-printed with natural mordant and tannin "inks" on the fabrics to convey my constructed environment image. The screen-printed fabrics were taken back in to my osage or logwood dye pots creating multitudes of colours shifting in gradient effects.
artist books
studio portraits
Photography and fibre art installations by Andream at Entwine: A Liminal Events show curated by Carl Bee Keys in 2022 on the traditional and unceded territory of the Lək̓ʷəŋən speaking peoples and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples. A techno odyssey wrapped in yarn and bits of string. A performance with this fibre art accompanied a projected poetry reading by Marie Metaphor.
a reflection
self love
Inspired by a small painting my sister mailed to me at the beginning of the pandemic.
self portrait
i am here (triptych)
I am living in a place that I don’t feel at home. Sometimes I feel like I’m living an alternate life. I can be “here” in this moment but I’m wondering how did I get here? If I had done something different maybe here would look different or I’d be in a different place. Can I be in more than one place? Time doesn’t feel quite the same here. I'm fragmented.
amaryllis transformed
Once a year a 2-foot stalk grows from this plant and orange flowers blossom. This plant is originally my grandma's. She passed away many years ago. At that time my grandpa gave me all her plants and told me to take good care of this particular one because it was older than her, which means it could be 100 years old now. It's a living keepsake. I remember her hands the most. I remember being in the garden on the farm with her, her hands were so big and strong. She taught me how to knit, make perogies, milk a cow, collect eggs, and garden. She had a huge flower garden next to the farmhouse that was amazing, she loved her flowers. Her name was Mary and this is her aMARYllis.
inspired still-life
6 months of antidepressants with candy jewelry. Filtered color using LED bike lights and holding colored glass over the camera lens. An attempt to create vivid colors and abstract images in studio rather than photoshop - inspired by photography by Jessica Labatte.
foggy island
city photography
teddy picnic
I messaged on a Victoria group online to see if anyone had an old teddy that wanted to go on an adventure. Someone replied that 50 yr old Teddy was free the next day, so I went to pick Teddy up the next morning promising to return Teddy before dark. I took Teddy to a pointy hilltop in mossy SṈIDȻEȽ, smoke in the air from the fires in the US. The last photo is as we left, sprinkles of a memory.
a world
stop motion animation
texture & fibre
three dimensional
paper & canvas
two dimensional
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