Big Eggs Banned in the USA
22 x 22 x 5 inches
Yarn scrap waste collected from community,  homemade hardening medium (cornstarch based),  5” Kinder Surprise eggs
Inspired by pop art. I crafted 'twigs' by soaking yarn scraps in a watery cornstarch glue and leaving them to harden overnight. The red kinked yarn held it’s twisted shape in the hardening process due to being unraveled from an 25yr old tightly knit project. I formed the nest by layering and weaved the ‘twigs’ one at a time.

Climate Anxiety 


A needle felted wool doll ‘me’ trapped in a round plastic clamshell originally used for lettuce 

Crochet is Cool Again
60 x 30 inches
Collected yarn scraps from 'Victoria' community, copper wires from construction waste
​​​​​​​I connected various sized yarn scraps by crocheting the pieces into a long chain and wrapped it around wire frames. Depending on the viewpoint, the two rings interact with each other. The smaller ring is attached with invisible thread. 
It signifies the connection we have to each other and the use of waste to make something beautiful.

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