Leg, Mirror, Skipping ropes, Bunny ears, Wig, Frisbee, Laundry hamper, Fuzzy tail


29.5 x 20.5 inches

Charcoal on grey paper

Looking Up/After Party


12 x 12 inches

Acrylic on canvas board

Fan Tan Alley


14 x 11 inches

Acrylic on canvas board

Finding Myself
Alcohol-based markers on paper

Seed Paper


30 x 22 inches

Water dyed with beet, turmeric, cabbage; collected lavender, marigold, catmint seeds from my garden; homemade glue (cornstarch based) on paper

Inspired after watching the creation and destruction of a Tibetan Buddhist sand mandala. I wanted to explore the ideas of impermanence, change and growth. I created a non-toxic self portrait, made to be planted in the earth, to become something completely new. A new form can take shape with the growth of seedlings. 

Canada's Top 5 Plastic Polluters


20 x 29.5 inches

Gouache on paper

In 2019 Greenpeace partnered with organizations across Canada to collect and audit plastic pollution in 9 major areas of Canada, including Victoria and Vancouver. I wanted the top 5 plastic polluter brands to be recognizable without actually labeling them.

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