John C. Kerr Chancellor Emeritus Award for Excellence in Visual Arts, ECU, 2024

Saralee James Memorial Award, Vancouver Foundation, 2024

Headspace, "The Show," Emily Carr University Grad Show, Vancouver, May 9-23, 2024
- portraiture photography, matte archival inkjet prints, 16 double sided panels  - 20"x16", + 4 channel audio

Headspace, Penticton Art Gallery: Gifts of Madness, Penticton, BC, March 23-May 11, 2024
- portraiture photography, matte archival inkjet prints, 6 double sided panels  - 20"x16" 

Headspace, Capture Festival x ECU: Longing to See, Vancouver, April 3-28, 2024
- portraiture photography, matte archival inkjet prints, 9 - 20"x16" panels + audio

MissingSpaces, student exhibition ECU, Vancouver, March 6-15, 2024
- artist contributor for the 10 day interactive exhibition which created conversation through collaboration 
and community engagement, to hold spaces for rest, play, movement, food, and dialogue

Traditional(N/A) Photography, student exhibition ECU, Vancouver, January 9-19, 2024
- curator and exhibited reflecting portal

reflecting portal, interactive art installation, Hexennacht festival, Meegan, July 14&15, 2023

A Constructed Environment, Forget-Me-Not-Press, Issue #5: Bloom, Jun 2023

reflecting portal, interactive art installation, Lamplight music and art festival, Vancouver Island, 2023

"These Five Words", First Edition, self-published, April 2023
24 pages, riso print photography and text, hand sewn binding, 75 copies

Climate Anxiety: A Retrospective + Constructed LandscapeResponding to Climate Change Through Art
and Design, ECU Library Exhibition, April 2023
open access exhibition catalogue:

Toasted Books, Forget-Me-Not-Press, Issue #4: In the Dark, Nov 2022

Untitled (self-portraiture), Why Photography?, Michael O’Brian Exhibition Commons, ECU student 
exhibition, Nov 2022

Teddy Picnic, Nostalgia, Woo Publication, ECU student publication, Fall 2022
2020 Vibes, (SOME)TIME, Woo Publication, ECU student publication, Spring 2021
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