Her painting was inspired by “Young Ladies on the banks of the Seine (Summer)” by Gustave Courbet in 1857. This original painting was celebrated by expressionists, was very large (69” x 81”) and was criticized for being a man’s perspective on 2 ladies lounging in the summertime. Exploring themes of gender expression (some say the lower person looked rather masculine for a woman) and feminism (as these were lower class people depicted in a large, luxurious artwork, bringing a more inclusive perspective to art viewers at the time).
I noted the expression of languishing (evidently the buzzword for 2021) in the lower person’s facial and body expression in Courbet’s painting. To me, this year, I’ve been here. A lot. This feeling beyond health worries and the accumulation of the weight of social and environmental issues in the world. 
I was inspired by these paintings and wanted to tell my own narrative. A raw look at myself. An awareness of my feelings. A reflection of myself/reaching out to myself. 
Self care: self love. 
The pillow is embroidered with "a word" after Margaret Atwood's, "a word after a word after a word is power."

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